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December 27, 2008


2009 can't come quick enough for me. I must change my profile as it reads part time PA, but as I have lost that job due to the business folding, I can only now say I am a struglling actress........until I hopefully get a new job.

I want to also keep tabs on how many freaks I attract next year. I got 4 this year so far. I swear to god, freaky people gravitate towards me like ants to a snickers bar! I was on the bus station in Nantwich after rehearsal last Monday, and this creepy (albeit drunk as a skunk) bloke asked me for 50p so he could get on the bus, then he sat next to the young girl who was sat next to me and started chatting away to her, which freaked her out, so had to start talking to her to provide distraction. I knew he was hammered because he kept repeating stuff he'd just said, over and over again. He was then convinced that this young girl and yours truly here were going to find a cab to share with him back into Crewe! Errr, I don't think so pal!

Two other times were when I was on my way home from work, two different freaks but on two seperate days in the same week, both asking me where the Parole office was. Now, having never been to jail, I have no bloody clue where the Parole office is round here and even though I stressed that to both these strange men, they still decided to walk down the street with me and give me their full life stories until I was able to break contact by stopping to wait at the bus shelter, hoping and praying that they would continue walking and not wait with me.

This all makes exceptionally good stuff to write down and keep for future creative purposes. I'm sure there's a script in all this somewhere!

Ahhh well.

Hope everyone had a fun Christmas.