It's Sheen week here on the internet planet earth. (Everybody's having a good time, right? Thought so. Duh, winning.) And with all the tiger blood and scoreboard checking we've all been engrossed in, some damn fine Charlie Sheen impressions have popped up.

Here are a few must see takes on everyone's favorite Vatican Assassin. So much winning going on right now.

Bill Hader, who may have topped his Julian Assange with this one.

Jerry O'Connell, which you may have seen on some website.

Jimmy Fallon. Quick note on Fallon. As he's developed into a dependable and wonderfully charming late-night host, it's easy to forget the guy's always been a solid impressionist at his core. Great to see him break this out.

Well that as fun, right? Yup. Now be bring me Dr. Clown shoes.