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April 13, 2016

Here a list of 10 great superheroes who are ready for the silver screen.

This year, there is a list of great superhero movies coming out. We are talking about the new installments of old favorites like Captain America and X-men; and also new potential franchises for the ages, like Dead Squad and Dr. Strange. I know there is a schedule of new movies based on superheroes for the next 10 years, but we can’t have enough of them. Here is a list of 5 superheroes that are ready to shine on the big screen.

1. Extraño


Dotor, te Extraño!

DC wants to expand its cinematic universe, and make it relevant. Here is the perfect chance to do it. Extraño is a Latino and gay character that is not at all based on Dr. Strange. Extraño in Spanish actually means “I miss you.” The fact that he is also a man with mystic powers,dresses in a red cape, and is a bit flamboyant doesn’t make him a rip-off.Moreover, we need more diversity in films.

2. Arm-Fall-Off-Boy


You offer a hand…

Finally we have the technology to generate a credible CGI Arm-Fall-Off-Boy. We have all been waiting for a live action version of this long time fan favorite. Furthermore, we need more diversity in superhero movies.

3. Matter Eater Lad


And his pal has exposition powers

We have the technology, and we have the hunger. Please, bring our beloved Matter Eater Lad to the theaters. Make it big. I want to see him eating the whole wide world. Also, he could easily eat the whole Justice League, in case it is as good as Batman v Superman. He would sure leave no traces.

4. Codpiece


Eyes up here!

We are all tired of the macho insecurity of Batman, Superman, Cap, Iron Man, and the sausage fest. They are always trying to prove one thing, and one thing only: whose dick is bigger. They made a whole Civil War about it. Codpiece is a character to put an end to the debate. Furthermore, we need more diversity in superhero movies.

5. Wonder Twins


Chimp and Tonic, anyone?

They are young, and they are cool. Willow and Trey Smith, anyone? Wonder Twin powers activate! Jayna has the power to transform in any animal, real of mythological (potential GoT cross-over); Zan can cool things off by transforming into a tray of ice cubes (potential cross-over with my drink). What a mix! They are also aliens on earth. How cool is it?