Look people weed needs to be legalized in all 50 states and all over the world because weed is not a drug it an herb that is good for your mind, body, spirt and soul and that is a fact. So open up your minds eye and legalize. FOR THE LOVE GOD!

Less violence on t.v in it's place more sex. An that go for real life as well cut out the violence and start making love world wide today and forever more and then some.

End all holly wars in the name of peace. ( We are all one)

The price of good beer needs to go way down. Because i can't buy good weed if am buying good beer all the time. 

Cut the BS goverments of the world because your all full of it big time. ( Do what is right for once.)

Hey where are all the none skank ass single ladies at players!

So Look yo i need a job a now god dang it! An yes am talking both kind of jobs hiyo!

Hey Junkies get off the food stamps and get clean it's for your own good you stupid ass punk b*tches! O an more thing GO TO WORK! Sidnenote: Eat some LSD and trip your balls off for a few weeks and if that don't get you off the junk then just go on kill your self because your a worthless bum! We don't need you so f*ck off and die.

Ghostbuster 3 in 3D please for the love of all that is good make this god d*mn movie already! With some new blood to take over and if it does good mybe even turn it into a HBO show. Now that is gold sucka!  sidenote: "An it's ok if you put me in the movie or at least the guy who plays me in movies and in t.v shows."

The CNN babes need to show a lot more skin becasue i want this hafe chub to be a full on hard on and then some because i sure do love to jack it to them ladies.

 Stop slaming pop music of all types of music down are thoart 24/7 mix it with some good music because i  will flip the f*ck out! An your not going to like it when am p*ssed off!

Bring back the show "Do No Harm". Look i don't care who picks it up just pick it up for the love God! At least give it a shot with a full season i mean really NBC. An if you want to be fouls about it then some make it into a movie. Because this idea is a hit and i know it mother f*ckers. Sidenote: That show "Partners" need to be pick up on one of them channels for gay people like lifetime or what ever i don't really know becasue am a strate guy but yeah pick that show up. Hell how about you TBS mybe you can pick up that show "Partners" or that show "Animale Practice" would be even better but yeah just do it baby!

 Good Beer needs to be way cheaper Yo.

Where have all the good times gone? No where are they for real because i haven't seen any at all in very very long time.

Look B*tch i want you to bust my nut not bust my balls you c*nt face ho bags.

H.B.O needs a new porn show god d*mn it because am lonly and sad. XXX me buddies!

Just remember that life is b*tch and then you die. So remember to put that b*tch in her place why where still here players because this is your time too shine peeps and you f in know it big kats! Now go do her to her big dogs.