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December 24, 2011

This Holiday season, as everybody say...."Don't Drink too Much" I'm saying what you really want to here...."Drink too MUCH!"

This Holiday season, I want you to do what you really want to do...and that's drink until you embarrass your spouse, relitave or whom ever your with. See, you always hear "Don't Drink too muh" or "Don't get in trouble" or " Don't do anythng that i wouldn't do" or the one I find the best and funniest "Don't catch a charge", but the reality is, what would make someone say that, unless they really know you want to drink yourself into oblivian....and if they know that, why act like the responsible one, when you know good and well you want to be drinking with them...nobody wants to make a fool of themselves by  themselves....that's no fun...but if there are two or more of you stumbling around, taling loud and spitting in everyohnes faces when you use P words...then that's a real party.

Dont' get me wrong, there are some of us who can actually pull it off by ourselves, and really put on a performance...you know the kind of performance where they'll be saying next CHristmas..."I hope we don't have another Jack incident" LOL....

So this Christmas.....please enjoy your family and friends, be thanksful for everything, and be sure to fill the glass to the top, several times........just don't drive until you've sobered up......