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June 25, 2009


I've received great compliments for my blog idea, but they also say hurry the fuck up on a new post!!! I definitely know how you feel! The only viral video that can compete in terms of volume is... the Numa Numa Guy! So that's the reason I chose this video, I received a lot of captions for the last video so I may have to post two captions at a time on following clips. Please send me a message with your captions and time, if you don't send them with a time I will use them as fillers at the interim I feel apposite (check gerharguffaw's 'damn fly' caption in the last video). If you have any idea on a video please send me the name and/or link. Note, I'm NOT looking for some dumbass on a skateboard or some stupid fucking cat video! Something around two minutes is perfect! I'm trying to stay away from music videos and shitty movie clips, mst3k has B movies (so does Will Ferrell), VH1 pop up video has B music videos and I want to have different types of clips for my B blog! Please comment your Star Wars Kid response on the last blog, send me a message with your intervalic captions, and thoughts on potential viral videos.
2 Numa Numa