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February 26, 2010


Canadian Girl’s are as tough as Nails

Once again Canadian girls have proven that you can surely combine beauty with toughness.

Take a look at our Canadian women’s hockey team after they won the Gold Medal last night in a gritty performance of hockey excellence. Taking to the ice after the building was emptied, our gals took to drinking beer, smoking cigars and swilling champagne.  What a celebration!

You go girls!

Some of the gals even tried to get the Zamboni up and running so they could take it for a joy ride. Now that’s Canadian moxy at its very best.

And, my friends, there should be no controversy over this. There should have been no apology given.  People that persevere through eight months of shitty weather, work for four years to get to the Olympics and then reach their ultimate goal, should celebrate and in a way Canadians know best. I’m surprised someone didn’t build a fire pit at centre ice.  Hey, you know our gals were, “putting on the foil” before that game. Tough and beautiful, I’d say.

As a husband, a father of a beautiful daughter and a coach who has been around tough Canadian women all his life, I can tell you that toughness and beauty can go hand in hand. Here are just a few examples proving my point.

1.    I have smoked cigars and drank martinis with my beautiful daughter-in-law in the Cigar Bar of the Diamond Princess Cruise ship.  At the wedding this past summer, that gal sat with the guys and smoked cigars in her wedding gown. That was so smokin’ hot!

2.    Before our marriage, my wife and I used to have “Ninja vs Street Fighter” battles in the living room, with all the furniture pushed against the wall. She was Jujitsu trained martial artist while I was a street fighting little bulldog. She kicked my ass more than a few times. My wife is a beautiful sexy red head who after 25 years still knocks my socks off.

3.    After a night of “clubbing”, My daughter fell out of a cab, struck her head on the pavement, bloodied her face and yet still had the toughness to drive back home from out-of-town the next morning. She only went to emergency at our insistence.

4.    When I was in my twenties my Beer League hockey team got a challenge from one of the top ladies teams in Ontario. They wanted to play men so they could increase their grit. I thought it was pretty funny until this little wench, who was built like a fire plug, smashed me into the boards. Hell, I was ready to drop the gloves until she snarled, “You don’t fight girls you big pussy! Can’t you take a little hit?” We won the game handily but our pride certainly took a beating.

5.    I’ve coached Elite girl’s basketball teams where it was nothing for these gals to get bruised and bloodied, and still want to hit the floor running. One time one of my sweetest players got hit hard on a drive to the basket. I had to drag her off the floor as she screamed at the top of her lungs. “I’m gonna fucking kill her!” Indeed, this little pit bull would have come through on her promise!  Another time, one of the girls saw a competitor elbow one of our girls. The next thing we knew the girl who committed the foul was on her ass with our willowy beauty standing over her with clenched fists.

6.    Most of the gals in our area come from farms and have worked hard in the fields, know the value of hard labour and pack a punch. My sister-in-law as a teen, after being harassed by a farm worker, picked him up, put him to the ground and twisted his arm until he said “uncle”. The poor bugger quit his job on the spot!

7.    Trish Stratus is sweet Canadian girl who can kick your ass.

I rest my case.

So, let’s forget about the controversy. There is none! Canadian girls are beautiful and tough and great champions. And, they know how to “party hearty”! Why do you think they call most adult hockey leagues “beer leagues”!

And, answer me this, why were some of the American women’s hockey’ players wearing make-up as they played in last night’s game? Isn’t that a little prissy, missy?

I’m just saying.