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June 03, 2010


David Stern Forced To Oblige Ancient NBA Bylaws For Unprecedented Fitting

Los Angeles (CHN) - Phil Jackson is charting a new course en route to a historic 11th championship. Currently, Jackson is tied in the NBA record books with Celtic Legend Red Auerbach with 10 Titles. The possibility of Jackson reaching #11 had NBA Commissioner David Stern in private meetings all week attempting to reconcile where exactly Jackson would be fitted for his historic 11th ring.

CHN has learned that NBA Bylaws (which are not public) have indeed accounted for the possibility of an 11th championship; Phil Jackson will be pre-measured for the first ever 'NBA Championship Cock Ring' later this week.

An anonymous source disclosed that Stern had made several attempts to amend the historic NBA script to allow for a bracelet or necklace to be used in place of the penile charm. However, several votes from owners and the players association have failed to reach the two-thirds majority needed for a rule change.

The cock ring requirement appears to stem all the way back to 1881 when Dr. James Naismith invented the game of basketball. At the time Naismith published the original '13 Rules of Basketball'; many of the concepts were based on the ancient Mayan game of 'pok-a-tok' and the Aztec 'Tchlatchli'. Years later when Naismith was consulted on the development of the first professional
basketball league it appears that he may have simply glossed over unlikely scenarios (such as an 11th championship) by hastily copying the Jewish rules of Brit Milah involving circumcision.

Jackson will undergo a penile inspection and measurement this week according to Lakers Owner Jerry Buss. Sources indicate that the Bylaws will require Jackson to have a circumcision completed by a league approved Rabbi (even if he has already had one in the past). Once the Rabbi is finished the championship cock ring will be installed and allowed to heal permanently to the penis. Jackson's longtime girlfriend Jeanie Buss has requested that smooth gems be utilized instead of the 'less than pleasurable' previous 10 rings, of which require removal prior to fisting.

In an effort to get ahead of the news cycle, David Stern has pre-announced that a 12th NBA Championship Ring consists of a sapphire butt-plug. Magic Johnson was overheard at the news conference offering to help "anyway possible" should Jackson reach #12.

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