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April 30, 2013

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In this rapidly advancing world, everything ranging from the computer to music systems are diminishing in size. There has been a visible change in human attitude towards small and handy objects or gadgets. This change in preference is also visible in the kind of animals people have begun to pet. Gone are the days when big animals such as bulldogs and German shepherds commanded the market or symbolized status and were mainly used for security measures. There has been a growing trend of purchasing ‘teacup’ puppies in American households.

These puppies are often referred to as ‘teacups’ mainly owing to their extremely small size. The size of an average teacup ranges from 4 to 7 pounds. These animals are considered to be extremely delicate and need special care and attention.

If you wish to learn more about teacup puppies, read out a iheartteacups review.

These animals are not necessarily different from other dogs and bring with them their own set of various health problems. Some health hazards that these small puppies encounter are lack of moisture content in the body, Ectrodactyly, respiratory problems, Hypoglycemia, liver shunts, cardiac problems, open soft spots on the skull, seizures, digestive problems, collapsing trachea, limb deformities, blindness and many more. These poor animals often suffer due to ill-breeding by unscrupulous breeders only focused on money-making. Most puppies sold as teacup puppies are actually premature puppies. Such activities should be discouraged as one should buy from well-known and reputed sellers.

Besides these, injuries are very common with these teacup sized puppies as these are very fragile animals. It is important not to keep track of the puppy while it is left out to play, but the crate or play pen it is kept in should be of appropriate size and preferable small to avoid the animal from encountering accidents. It is preferable that children in the family are allowed to handle the animal least, because children do not often realize their own strength.

Also, special care should be taken that the teacup does not fall off a bed or couch, as it may break its bones which are highly fragile. Dogs have a common habit of licking the ground, special attention should be paid to ensure that your teacup does not ingest fertilizers, cleaning agents or other harmful chemicals that may be present on the floor. One must also get their teacup puppy checked for thyroid and liver problems, especially the Chihuahua teacup breed.

It is important to consult a vet and get the puppy checked from time to time, to ensure the health and happiness of the animal. Remember, a happy pet makes a happy master.

The weather also significantly affects this small sized puppy. If you plan to accessorize your teacup, think in terms of ‘sweater’, as this animal takes the work ‘cool’ to disquieting proportions.

However, what the teacup most needs is adequate love and care. One can indulge in activities together such as walking and playing. It is surprising to know how much a pet can actually love its owner, also a good bond shared between the master and pet helps reduce stress in owners.

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