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August 09, 2015

These 20 things are SOMEHOW less confusing that True Detective Season 2,

If True Detective Season 2 taught me anything, it’s that sometimes Colin Farrell has a mustache and sometimes he doesn’t. I also learned what a “Taylor Kitsch” was and that Vince Vaughn isn’t very good at saying large words. Beyond that, I’m not too sure there is anything more confusing than this HBO show. These 20 things clearly aren’t:

1. Donald Trump’s hair

2. Calculus

3. Women

4. Daylight Saving Time

5. That Obamacare website

6. Quantum Physics

7. Anything by Shakespeare

8. The platypus

9. Love

10. Subway maps

11. Vince Vaughn’s career

12. Any Escher painting

13. Your taxes

14. “Inception”

15. The time Madonna dated Tupac

16. The electoral college

17. The Big Bang Theory (both the show and the theory)

18. Wifi (Are we just paying for air?)

19. Bill Cosby

20. The popularity of online “articles” that are actually just lists of things