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April 17, 2010


    I was  watching the news a while back, and it was as depressing as ever. The same old crap about murder, political coruption, and the poor economy. There was a story that really caught my attention, and in fact, it kind of pissed me off!
You probably heard about the woman that gave birth to Octuplets. Yes, that's eight kids! At first, I thought that it was a real "feel good" story. But, the more details that were revealed, the more pissed I became. Why should I be pissed because this woman gave birth to eight kids at once? Well, I'm fixin' to tell ya!
First of all, the woman already had six kids! The oldest child was almost seven years old, and the youngest is a set of twins. After having six kids, if I were a woman, I would've checked into getting my tubes tied. Now, this family has fourteen children that are less than eight years apart in age. Most people go "ape-shit" trying to look after two kids! I can't imagine anyone chasing fourteen around the house. I really think that it would be impossible to do without some outside help. The smell of baby shit and milky puke can't be any worse than having a hundred cats in your house, right?
The thing that really pissed me off about this situation, was the fact that the dumbass went to a fertility clinic for help to become pregnant. Hello!!! Am I insane for assuming that a woman that already has six kids does not need the help of a fertility clinic? What the fuck? I mean, six "little-heads" roaming around your living room has got to be more than enough! I just hope that this family is rich! The worst thing that could happen is that they are riding welfare, and we would have to pay for her chidren with our taxes. Welfare is a really good possibility for this woman, considering that she is a single 33 year old woman that lives with her parents. They live in a three bedroom house in California. This womans' parents, that she lives with, recently filed for bankruptcy. So welfare is almost a given. If I'm not mistaken, all eight babies were in intensive care, and it cost about $100,000 a day for treatment. Who the hell had to pay the bill? Not her, it was the American taxpayers! You and I.
The people at the clinic should be taken out back and whipped! It is common practice to implant two embryos during a fertility treatment. In some extreme cases they will implant up to eight. The key word here is "extreme" cases. I would fail to believe that a woman that already has six kids will have trouble coming up pregnant. What the hell would constitute implanting her with eight embryos? Why would she even need to be implanted at all? I think that her reproductive organs were working fine without being tampered with. Well, maybe this chic is so "butt-ugly" that she can't get a man to sleep with her!
After all of the implants were in place, the doctors informed her that all eight implants had "taken". The doctors also told her of the potential health risks involved with giving birth to eight children at one time. They suggested that she abort all but two of the fetuses. She refused without giving it much thought. I don't know how anyone else feels about abortion, and I realize that it is a touchy topic with a lot of folks. But, I think that abortions should only be alowed if there is a danger to the well being of the potential mother or child. (Sorry if you don't agree.) The doctors told this woman that there were serious risks, so I would at least think about the advice that I was given.
After the birth, the doctors shed a bit more light on the situation. Not only did the eight babies have to spend two months in the hospital, due to being under-wieght and in poor health, they will need special attention for years to come. The doctors said that these kids would most likely have learning disabilities, and could possibly be retarded. Will these kids be able to live productive lives? (I hope that they can.) Why would anyone choose to have children if they knew of the negative possibilities before hand? I don't know if religion has anything to do with her decision to not abort all but two fetuses. If religion was a factor, I really don't know if she would've went to a fertility clinic to begin with.
I know that my wife cannot have children, and I think that it has left an empty spot in her heart. She always comments on people that abuse children, and the fact that god should not have given those people a chance to have these kids. I just hope that this woman having Octuplets does not turn out to be one of those bad stories. And, I hope that the family is not on welfare. But, given her situation, you and I as taxpayers, will be supporting her kids while taking food from our own.
     A child is a precious thing to have in your life. But, fourteen children? Come on give me a friggin' break! To say the least, after having all of those children, the mother's health can't be too good. In fact, I'll bet that her vagina resembles a subway station!