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August 19, 2008


1. Creative brainstorming. This usually happens when you are procrastinating. Like when it's time to clean the kitchen or break up with the guy you have been dating.

2. Planning. The key part of this is to be realistic about what resources you actually have at hand as opposed to what say, they have at Pixar Studios. Pixar Studios has access to a 3-D scanner. I don't have a copy of After Effects at home, just PhotoShop Extended.

3. Then the stress of working out all the crap. Seeking the basics of what you need and getting teams together. Who has a 1960's era suitcase I can borrow? Where can we shoot in the Atlanta area without getting shot?

4. Calming the storms. Will any cast members have to go into rehab just before taping? Will production geeks get a better gig or get pissed and leave when one of their rivals join the crew? Creatives always know a better way. Their way. You have to explain yourself a lot and win people over to your way of thinking. The producer is always an idiot.

5. Then wigging out and losing sleep and rushing around like a crazy person right before. Try not to forget to eat and drink. My stomach growled throughout the voice taping of my SJP episoce because I forgot to eat.

6. The mayhem ensues on your shoot. Any shoot. It’s not for the faint of heart. People forget stuff. Things go wrong. Equipment fails. Someone wants you to get off their property or some BS…Producers and production fight.

7. Edit the sucker and think of what you could have done better, damn it.

8. Show the damn thing already. You are sick of looking at it.

9. Repeat.