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November 01, 2017

Botnik and Pitch face off again, this time to create sizzlingly sexy erotica.

This article is the third collaboration between the Pitch App writing community and the Botnik collective (check out the first here and the second one here). Botnik writers use generative technology to make jokes with a predictive text tool that draws upon massive reservoirs of words whereas Pitch has hundreds of comedy writers writing the old fashioned way.

For this experiment we had both groups create lines of amateur erotica written by androids. A Funny or Die editor then picked their favorite ones without knowing which were written by who.

So here is the very sexy erotica and arousing erotica that man and machine made together! While they can all be enjoyed on their own, if you wish to guess lines which were written by human and which by machine, we have stuck the answers below!



She approached me, wearing nothing but several women (HUMAN) She unbuttoned her long legs until there was nothing there (HUMAN)

Lewis usually avoided good sex. But he couldn’t say no to Sarah’s government brand holes. (BOT) She was silly with breasts, and I was a 14-foot man spewing hot sauce from my sauce holes. (HUMAN)

“My pussy aches with familiar yearning for popcorn,” she said. (BOT) Her eyes were big strong sexual eggs.

“Oh God. Ricky and sex came to see me.” He smiled at all the pasta. “Sure my parents refused to leave, but I think you need ancient mom tonic.” She pulled her tank down and made squealing sounds. (BOT)

As she listened to his cabinet squeak, she became more and more turned on. He reached for the lubricant. “No,” she said. “A man should make annoying sounds.” She took his cock into her hands and blew off the dust. Looking into his eyes, she whispered, “Ram this into my sex unit.” (BOT)

“I’m almost there!” she screamed. “On my way! On my way!” (HUMAN)

“I will ejaculate in the cheesecake factory menu now, okay?” (BOT)

They meated hard till all their juices were made (HUMAN)