Jon Stewart was more than prepared for Stephen Colbert’s iconic brand of faux-hostility when he appeared on last night’s episode of The Colbert Report. Watching the two funnymen poke fun at each other made for a memorable interview as they discussed Colbert’s self-aggrandizing behavior, The Daily Show’s sinister influence over Millennials, and Stewart’s extensive rabbinical expertise.

The second half of the interview was mostly a plug for Stewart’s upcoming film Rosewater but it wrapped up nicely when the two late-night comedians shared a surprisingly sentimental moment together. D’awwwwww!

Seeing the mentor-mentee dynamic play out between Stewart and Colbert made me nostalgic about my relationship with my own mentor – Funny or Die News editor Nate Dern. I decided to conduct an interview of my own at the FOD News headquarters in midtown Manhattan.

ME: Nate, we’ve known each other for a while now - ever since you gave me my first break at FOD News back in ‘14. Since I started here, you’ve acted as a real father/Mr. Miyagi/Yoda figure in my life. After so much time, what memories stand out to you as particularly representative of our unique relationship?

DERN: (Removing his earbuds) Hmm? Did you say something?

ME: Would you say you and I have had a lot of memories together?

DERN: Sure.

ME: What’s your favorite?

DERN: I’m gonna go back to work now.

Classic Dern. He gets me every time.