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November 13, 2010

Bahaha! Me and myy friend alexis made this up! We were super bored! Lol xD


 Once Upon A Time there was a ponny named Jack
   Jack lived on candy mountain!?!?!
   And one day he met a magical...
 a magical unicorn named bob
 Jack and Bob soon became best friends! :D
  They did everything together!
 One day they even made pancakes together.! :D
 They had soo much funn! one day jack and bob were playing tagg around candy mountain, and bob got lost :(
 Jack got sooo worried. He looked and looked for day for his best buddie Jack. He even helped Batman to help him find Jack.
 Finally they found bob! he didnt get lost afterall! he just stopped to eat a candy cane on the side of the mountain!
 They lived happily ever after!

Story #2!!!! ;D
 Once apon a time there was a pretty purple butterfly named delihla!
 She was in love with another butter fly named...
 named joe..
 She though Joe was the most amazing male butterfly there was! But her mother and father did not like Joe...
 *they thought that joe was obnoxious and a nuisance
 But Delilah saw the real Joe, The Joe that everybody else didnt see.
 she saw how sweet and loving joe was
 She didnt think he was obnoxious or a nuiseance she thought he was a sweatheart. She was the only one that could see him this way though...
but she knew he was the one.. the perfect guy for her!
 THen she died cause a little kid shot her with a garden hose and he got squished by a stuipid teenager.! THE END