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March 18, 2014

Reality of LOST to air

INTERNATIONAL, CHINA---In the recent disappearance of the Flight 370 in Malaysia, the media was giving permission to release reality show intel. China broadcasting announced that the disappearing Flight 370 was the filming of pilot episode "Lost, Ho Chi Men Edition". We are told by China's president Xi Jinping, "We are creating this media craze to aid in helping our international reality show, the pilot and passengers." Jinping said, " We would like to thank all of the other nations in their aid to the show and their dedication to our media hype." 
President Obama states, " We are more than happy to help in aiding in your media efforts." The hopeful president is anticipating on seeing this show air on Netflix. As the History Channel explains on the incident, "ALIENS". Well, we know that is just a load of shit. As a international body, the world is looking forward to "Lost, Ho Cho Men Edition". Let's hope this is all real unlike its predecessor LOST. Jinping's final surprise is that James Cameron is to by behind the making of this reality show.
*clearly fake