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November 05, 2016

A step-by-step guide to loving yourself, already.

How to Stop Being So Self-Critical

Daily life is a grind. It can be easy to lose your bliss by Wednesday and your self-confidence by Friday. The shattering of our self-esteem starts with a voice in our head, the Inner-critic. The inner-critic tells us things like…

1. You are unloveable.

You wouldn’t say this to another person and walk away feeling justified. But you just read it to yourself. You’ll also read…

2. You can’t do anything right. You’re such a fuck-up.

You went ahead and read this. Because you’re really desperate for answers, and because you are so unlovable. Stop being so self-critical, and maybe you will deserve love.

3. Stop overthinking everything!

Life is NOT that complicated. You NEED to take a deep breath. C’mon! EVERYONE has their own shit! MOVE ON. Finish the damn list, idiot!

4. You need to love yourself.

If you don’t start loving yourself soon, everyone you love will stop loving you. You HAVE to love YOURSELF before OTHERS can love YOU. Is any of this sinking in? I bet it’s not. So stupid. You can do this!