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November 04, 2010

wht should i do with this friendship condition?? tell me should i do..

in my school there's a conflict between me and my friend.. well my friend really.. really likes to gossiping ppl.. i called them the GOSSIP GIRLS 2nd GEN.even me was the victim and my friend too..

my friend knows her fb account password so she log on with the GG2nd account.. there, she saw a group named COOL GENERATION. so she open the chat window...the next day she told me tht thing.. she saw tht they'r talking about me pretending 2 be cool.. and tht hurts!!

well i thought they were a good friends of mine.. but they're not.. well if they doesnt like me, the way iam.. they could just tell me right? if they talks like this behind me, it could hurts even more.. and i hate tht..

so, tell me wht 2 do.. should i take revenge 2 'em? or hating each other?