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February 16, 2010


For a couple of months there, it seemed like I'd never find a job, because I really liked dancing. I tried for a while to forget that I liked dancing, but it was hard to cover up the fact for long in an office environment. It seems to the outsider, like there is no place for those who like dancing in the new world. But there are niches. Sure, there's no tapping in the cafeteria line at Langley. There's no grinding in the teachers lounge. There's no time for two steps for the paramedic. But I still think it's possible, if you keep in mind a few simple rules, to get a job if you like dancing.

1. Jobs are not like tap shoes. 

2. Jobs are not Donny Osmond.

3. Jobs cannot grind.

4. There's nobody at your construction job who can tango.

5. Salsa's aren't cubicle appropriate.

6. Jobs are not ballet.

7. You should not be jazzy before your boss has had coffee.

8. Jobs are not Stomp.

9. The water treatment plant is not for Riverdance.

10. You cannot make the Heinz Ketchup assembly workers Line dance if they don't want to.

Nobody's saying it's easy, but if you're careful, you can like dancing and support yourself in the real world.