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August 21, 2008


I wanted to take a minute to explain why we made the change from Felonland to PB and J, but first I want to thank everyone for crossing over with us. Thank you!:)

There were technical problems with the Felonland account that to this day have not been corrected. Certain features didn't work and we were also finding our newer videos falling through cracks despite thousands of views. The only list they would show up on would be Most Recent and that was it. Whether it was a glitch in the system or something else, I'm unsure. Long story short, we created this new page and everything works as it should.

Why not keep the name Felonland? Felonland Films is actually my production company. Felonland produces more than just video sketch, we've produced music video and horror shorts as well. We soon will be producing two more horror shorts and a very indie horror feature. So another long story short is that I prefer the name Felonland to be associated with more than just comedy.

The Felonland page will still exist and be monitored. It will still host some of our videos while others will be relocated to this page and my personal page along with new content.

Thanks again for your continued support.