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March 25, 2014

This is a blog about my thoughts.

I am certain that you are all aware of the importance of always looking your best, if not where have you been for the last 10 years, the growth of the metrosexual male has taken off like you would not believe. You see it is no longer considered “gay” or “poofy” for a man to want to look his best. In fact this is now quite the opposite, the growth of the men’s cosmetics industry has enjoyed a growth larger than that of ladies in the past 5 years. Men’s lifestyle magazines, GQ and Men’s Health, have seen a dramatic rise in readers and, most importantly, women such as hot sexy london escorts are taking note, yes – they are, do not be fooled. 
You see it is not used cosmetics that have had an impact, men’s fashion has taken off and that is what we are here today to take about, you see it is not just about having the right lady on your arm, it is important and here are some great examples, its all about having the right cloth on your back and the right leather on your feet, please guys do not go Paul McCartney on me on this one, yes he wears trainers with suits but he was once a Beatle and the normal rules do not apply to him.
I am writing this in January, so we here in London are freezing and it would no good at all talking about shorts and t-shirts, lets just take a look at what you should wear on a normal day in a trendy office environment, mid level management ( £30k a year type of fella)Jumpers – not too much hard work here, keep it simple, block color’s, dark colors, no prints and good material. Ralph Lauren have always made beautiful jumpers that are ideal for the office, giving you a rather refined look, please boys lets remember no BIG logos.
Shirts – a little harder but make sure you are a nice choice of plain, smart shirts and (this year only) lumberjack, just to add that little extra edge. Make sure though that that are slim fit because you don’t want them gathering and adding extra unwanted pounds to you.
Jeans – depending on what you have planned for the day you have to have dark and light jeans, check out Zara for some beautiful slim fit jeans (lots of slim fit here, slim fit is crisp and looking crisp it what it is all about)Shoes – a good pair of Chelsea boots is a must, suede or leather it doesn’t matter, do not think that you can get away with a cheap pair, Shipton and Heneage, Queenstown Road SW11, have a great choice. You can either shop in store or visit there on line store.
Socks – I am not going to go to much into this but please keep them plain, no patterns, no cartoon characters and must differently no pictures of a pair of boobs. Remember guys and this is important; what ever us guys look at so do women, we may comment about a small bit of excise skin but I promise you we have more, I promise that any women you meet wants her man looking smart and well put together, it is all part of the game now and if you want to play you have got to be prepared to go that extra bit