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January 22, 2009


Last night Marie came over and we settled down to two episodes of 24. Half way through the second hour, my brother came round to fix my loo, which I have had a problem with for a couple of weeks now. See, when we flush it, the re-fil was going terribly slow and the trickling was so annoying as it made you want to go to the toilet all over again. It was taking around 20 minutes to fill completley. So, my bro is messing around with the workings and trying to see what the problem is, when suddenly, he did something........I have no idea what it was, but he did something that made the water pressure come through full force, thus creating 'Old Faithful' in my bathroom. Toilet water everywhere! Up the walls, and all over my brother. (which I laughed my ass off about as knew he couldn't get hold of me and wail on me, as he was too busy trying to stop the water flying around by jamming his finger against the stop mechanisim) All I could think of at that moment was getting the water turned off and that scene in the Frasier episode "Seat Of Power" where Frasier and Niles attempt to fix the toilet in their dad's bathroom, they regard themselves as 'Amish' in their ways of repairing things themselves, only for the toilet to overflow to which Niles states, "Where are all your Amish friends now???" So myself, Marie and Rachael went searching for the stop tap, which we just couldn't find. Typically, a woman thing that, how the hell could I possibly know where that could be in my house?!

As it turned out the stop tap was behind the dishwasher, which had to be pulled from under my counter top, which Rach did by grabbing the DOOR of the dishwasher, and it all resulted in her breaking it, so now the dishwasher door won't close. My brother came back yesterday to replace the workings of my loo (he got it sorted, but thinks it's better that I got new workings) and he fixed the dishwasher door too!

So. That is the story my exploding toilet.