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September 23, 2009


I've recently been on both Funny or Die and Facebook a lot lately. Checking out videos on Funny or Die and catching up with friends on Facebook. Last night I received a message in my inbox on the Funny or Die site and the message informed me that on of the videos we recently made ("Two Guys at the End of Grease") was chosen as one of four videos to possibly be featured on the Funny or Die homepage this week! Really cool news to receive! It seems that the Funny or Die Facebook fan page has a weekly poll to vote on which video the fans would like to see featured. So now, my two biggest obsessions as of late have merged together!  

I am hoping we can rally the troops and get enough people out there to log in to their Facebook accounts and visit the Funny or Die page - www.facebook.com/funnyordie - and vote for "Guys at the end of Grease." It would be a really cool thing to win and would help get the word out about our other videos!

Please share this with all of your friends and hopefully we will win! Thanks to everyone who is supporting these videos!