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April 28, 2009


* Jodi Wykle gave her son a Nintendo DS for his birthday. When he opened the box, he was pretty disappointed to find nothing but a handful of rocks wrapped in a Chinese newspaper.

Sources close to the mom say, "I'm not buying a box of rocks for $138. And don't even think about a fox in socks."

You know there is some disgruntled Asian kid who has been working since his 3rd birthday who had finally had enough of busting his ass everyday on the job, and still not being able to afford his own DS.

* A 70-mph gust of wind picked up a six-pound Chihuahua, taking it for a long ride. Dorothy and Lavern Utley, Tinker Bell's owners, credit a pet psychic for guiding them to a wooded area nearly a mile from where the dog was last seen.

Sources close to the dog say, "That psychic was pretty amazing. Now if only she can help me find where I buried those damn bones."