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July 15, 2009


It's been about two and a half months since we launched, BN4REAL on www.bn4real.tv.

The funny thing about launching a show on the internet is that you rarely get to meet your audience.  Why should I want to?  Well, hey I create art to touch, affect, maybe change people.  Screenings and performane spaces usually afford me the opportunity to tune into my audience.

The internet is both intimate and impersonal.  Our show can be viewed in someone's home at any time of the day, whenever our viewer wants to watch.  I yearn for the theatre experience of hearing and seeing my audience as they view my show.   So far, I occassionally bump into to someone that I referred to the website, and they tell me how much they enjoyed the episodes.  "Hey, did you write a comment?" I ask.  "Oh.  No, I didn't know I could." 

Today, I invite everyone to "drop me a line."  You can do so on our facebook page, on our site, on www.funnyordie.com or on our youtube page - bnfourreal. 

Waiting to hear from you,