Martin Freeman (WOOP) hosted SNL (WOOOO) this week and he wore this gorgeously blue (WOOO YEA) suit in the monologue (YEAAAAA) during which everyone whooped a lot (THAT’S WHY I’M TYPING LIKE THIS).

Although his monologue was mainly played for whoops and laughs, I found that Martin Freeman listing his filmography was actually really helpful because I remembered that I like and respect him a lot from having seen him act in several different roles. A good monologue makes you not only laugh but hopefully also remember. Also, other British people are in this too.

In the cold open, the CIA’s combination psychologist/torture consultants go on Charlie Rose to acknowledge their responsibility for pretty much every normal thing that is torturous. Among the terrible things addressed in this sketch are self checkout machines, which get their asses handed to them, FINALLY. Man, those things are THE WOOOORST (things that I encounter sometimes when I am alone at CVS picking up some emergency lip balm and there’s definitely someone at the register who could help but they direct me to the machine anyways)!!!

“That ‘Sump’n Claus’ video really was ‘sump’n else’!”
-Jenny Nelson, Funny Or Die SNL Highlights, 2014

This week’s obligatory very accurate parody was a JRR Tolkienized The Office (British version). I thought maybe I wouldn’t be able to follow very well since it’s been a while since I’ve watched the British The Office, but I recognized most of the details straight away, as the Brits say, so it just goes to show how much that series has stuck with me. At this point, I’m not sure what I’m complimenting here — either this SNL sketch or the British The Office. Let’s say both.

The “Church” short was an exciting look at some very specific aspects of Christmas Mass, including my favorite, the priest who speeds songs up and slows them down at will. Here’s hoping that someone’s pastor referenced this sketch in the following morning’s homily and that it was met with the softest churchgoer laugh. Of course, I can’t say for sure if that happened because it’s not Christmas yet so I was not at Mass.

The first part of Weekend Update was great! Michael Che gets in some A+ jokes, including one about Dick Cheney AND one about barrels, both great subjects for jokes! All three guests were solid, but my favorite was Sasheer Zamata, who addressed the lack of diversity in the tech world by demonstrating how she has to depict the black experience with limited emoji. I tried to will this rare appearance from Sasheer Zamata into just lasting the rest of this whole episode, but it (weirdly!) did not work.

The show ended with “Waterbed Commercial” — “ENDS with a COMMERCIAL?” you’re probably screaming, to which I say, “Chill OUT, I think it’s just cuz this one was kinda DIFFERENT also why are you SCREAMING?!” It was comforting to hear Martin Freeman return to his accent from Fargo, and I guess you could say he returned to his quiet husband character from Fargo, too, if you’ve only seen, like, half of the first episode of that show!

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