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October 14, 2008


My buddies, what do we really know about John McCain?  Why hasn't he told the full story of his past associations?  Is he really, as some say, a Communist?  Let's look at the evidence.
Senator McCain has repeatedly admitted that he lived in North Vietnam with known Communists for more than five years... during wartime!  During that time he was offered the opportunity to leave Communist North Vietnam... and refused.  Does that sound like someone who loves America?
As a Navy flier, he crashed two jets... at the behest of his Communist handlers?

And later, my buddies, he went <em>back</em> to Communist North Vietnam and negotiated with his Communist North Vietnamese pals... <em>without</em> <em>preconditions</em>.
He has associated with a known Vietnam combat-dodger.
And he has endorsed the policies of the current administration, which is now engaged in the Communistic nationalization of our nation's banks and financial system.
But, my buddies, perhaps we could forgive Senator McCain his Communisticalist tendencies if not for his admitted associations with drug addicts, teen sex, rapists and terrorism.
John McCain publicly lived with an admitted prescription drug thief and addict.

Senator McCain clearly supports unmarried teen sex, as shown by his support for a woman who supports her own daughter's unmarried teen sex pregnancy.
My buddies, John McCain has taken the side of America's rapists by associating with that same woman, who required rape victims to pay for their own forensic exams.  Is it a coincidence that Senator McCain has never publicly denounced the Big Rape lobby?