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November 12, 2017

Elegant AND sophisticated.

The “Beach Babe Shag”


Summer is here, and your mom is feeling flirty and feminine. This Shaggy do, worn by Javier in the movie “Goya,” is what your mom must wear for a fun day under the sun.

The “Bob”


We think this “No Country For Old Men” bob is perfect for your mom. What a classic look! It’s elegant AND sophisticated. What we love most about it, is that it doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. Look how good it looks on your mom.

The “Angry Feminist”

The Councelor.jpg

Your mom’s had enough of this shit! She’s chopping it all off AND spiking it, because she’s a powerful woman who can do whatever she pleases. After getting this cut, inspired by Javier Bardem’s character in “Skyfall,"your mom will tell your father that she doesn’t love him and hasn’t orgasmed from sex with him in 15 years. You go girl.

The “Mom-Is-Turning-Into-Pablo Escobar”


Your mom is going all the way, bro. After chopping off her hair, spiking it, and leaving your dad, your mom is taking it a step further and growing out her mustache, modeled after Javier Bardem’s role in “Loving Pablo."Your mom has a better stach than you now.