The “TIFU” or “Today I Fucked Up” section of Reddit is where people go to explain how they fucked up, today. (I think. Put that one together myself!) A recent submission came from Francoisl13, who was just enjoying a shower beer on his shower lawn chair, like we all love to do, when something very bad happened to his body. Here he explains it:

After hearing from a friend that sitting in the shower was the best thing ever, I decided to take it to the next level. I brought one of those green plastic patio chairs in the shower with me, accompanied by a good showerbeer. After relaxing for a good 15 minutes, the plastic chair became flexible enough to warp, allowing my testicles to slip through the slots on the seat. I was initially unaware of this, and began to stand up to turn off the shower, and the chair, fastened to my testicles, prevented me from standing. In a moment of panic, pain, and confusion, I tipped the chair over sideways in the shower, which was still secured to my precious scrotum. In order to save myself, I had to orient myself with my back facing the ground, with the bottom of the seat pointing towards the showerhead. I then sat there for 5 minutes, long enough until I could warp the slot with my hands to release the family jewels from captivity.

Luckily in case that wasn’t clear, he also made a diagram of the whole situation. Dude knows how to draw (on MS Paint)!


h/t Uproxx