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March 20, 2008


the modern world has become a breeding ground for lost, spoiled children, and even those of us who were raised to do and be better have been sucked so far down this badger hole of instant gratification that it seems no one is immune except those completely unqualified to do, well, anything about anything.

why do people, GROWN ADULTS, lie to retail clerks to get discounts. how do they justify throwing hissy fits in the lobbies of hotels on the off chance they might get a free breakfast (or, god forbid, a free room) in exchange for shutting up. what is it that has taken the idea of "the customer is always right" from being a nice guideline for customer service to the battle cry of a generation? no one is interested in anything past the desires of today(the metaphorical 'today' that includes the entire metaphorical lifespan of a metaphorical human or group of humans). and i'm just as bad, because not only do i not plan for the future in general, i don't even have a plan for me. but at least i'm decent and honest to other people ('cept cops). i feel like humanity's humanity is slipping away. pretty soon even i will be bitching at virgin megastore employees for not knowing who joan jett is or demanding free coffee at dunkin' donuts because the whipped creme in my latte isn't lofat or lying to amazon.com customer service to get free shipping, or whatever other bullshit people do to try and get one over on someone else. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING GAME! AND IF IT IS WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME DAMN TEAM!

just the fact that i feel like i need to be a moral compass kills a little more of my hope. tyler durden was right from the start, we all need to get back to zero. it's the best thing we'll ever do.

sit on that and spin for a while