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June 18, 2012

A modern day guide to arming yourself on Haters.


For as long as groups of people have existed, there have been factions and divisions. These people separate themselves by difference of opinion, or even disagreement. Today’s piece will focus on a character in humanity that holds many costumes,belief systems, religious backgrounds,occupations, and even sexual orientations. For the volunteer constructive critic, more commonly known as a “hater” is found to be an omnipresent being. Haters are not holy, but their existence will always be two steps ahead of your success.

We have all encountered haters at some point in our life. Activities in our daily lives which tend to draw attention from, or develop haters of yourself might have been: receiving a perfect attendance award, getting your first job, finishing a crossword puzzle first, or even in today’s times getting to 100 followers first. Haters do not have the regular mental structure that their prey, or the common folk have. For the mind of the hater feeds off of negative energy, and its ambrosia’s are jealousy and a side of envy. This volunteer opinionated pissy-fitter can often ruin an entire day’s time with their poor attitude, and lack of support.And since they come in all shapes, sizes, and forms it can often be hard to spot one out of the bunch, or rid yourself of one. The tips and tricks you are about to read are not sure-fire variables to change the game for you, but they are a solid foundation to cleanse yourself of haters.

Should you ever in life receive compensation, recognition, praise, bonuses, and rewards of any nature, expect a hater. If you do not arm yourself mentally from the get-go of achieving and over-achieving you will not be able to withstand the inferno of a persistent haters attacks. Haters will never limit themselves to the surface, they usually will go into past encounters and compare your past downfall, to your present/future success. “But they only have that because of…” or “You weren’t even doing that last year, you just..” are some of those hater phrases,as I like to call them. These are entry-level hater moves, and sometimes they are said in healthy gesture, and not to inflict any pain or suffering upon yourself. Pre-hate, as I like to call it is the hater/non-hater warming up a good hating session, and things can be taken further depending on your response. It is here that you must show no mercy, and relentlessly standby your accomplishments so that a hater will not get past your firewall defense. Think Norton Antivirus-like against a hater, except you will need a lifetime subscription.

Now when haters have already aligned themselves in the midst of you or are “too close to home,” things can become quite sticky. Mid-level management, pre appointed leaders in social groups, nepotism hired co-workers, and others of this pattern can often have a hater shield. A hater shield is simply a condom, which if not broken and used right, can permit the party to hate on you for as long as they can last. The shield are there insurance package, and they understand that the risk of ramifications is usually low. They will play on this, and capitalize on every and any situation to hate on you.

Eliminating, or deleting haters can not be easy. The easiest task in this is subduing to their hate and letting it ride out. Or if you are vigilant enough you can fight fire with an atom bomb.

1. Never let the hate think they got to you. Brush a shoulder off, and give em a cold one.
2. Don’t hate back, but bragging and going in on yourself about how great you did something is another good tactic.
3. Find ways to embarrass the hater, or point out what LITTLE they did or didn’t do.
4. Above all, never show mercy and fear of rejection. All a hater is doing is playing on the fact that you might fear them rejecting your “side.” Keep a sturdy chin up, chest out, and you walk with the stride and shine of a 1000lb golden oxen, never showing weakness. You gotta make em look stupid.

Haters appear, live, and die everywhere. Some are daily haters, weekly, and even annual haters, but no matter where someone is hating on you from, you have to get your shine on. Don’t feed their negative spirit, with your pure awesomeness and wins