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September 05, 2009



13? Is that bad luck? Should we skip this one? Skip it? Nah.

On my way to work today I was listening to the local NPR news radio station, WITF 89.5. This is the only station on the radio that I can stomach, besides the John Tesh Radio Show (Intelligence for Your Life), but that's not on at 8 am.

They were talking about meth, as in Crystal Meth (yeah, THAT meth). They were talking to a reformed meth dealer and he said how you can go to Wal-Mart and spend $65 and make a batch of meth worth about $2,000. I wonder if that was just a roundabout figure, as to the best he could recall, or if it really is $65 to buy meth at Wal-Mart. Do meth dealers do research on prices? Are meth dealers smart shoppers? Was the $65.00 name brand ingredients or did they get the Wal-Mart brand meth ingredients?

Do they comparison shop? Clip coupons? Anything?

Is Wal-Mart the best place in town to buy meth? Did they even bother pricing Target, Shur-Fine, Giant or Weis? What about Amazon? Amazon sells all kinds of stuff. I'm sure you can buy Meth on Amazon. Amazon does the comparison shopping for you and delivers it to your house/crack house for a small markup. Is that markup worth the savings in time spent shopping to a meth dealer? Are meth dealers busy enough that home delivery is a consideration when buying meth ingredients?

I don't know - I guess I don't really care. If I had a title for this POW it would be 'What a meth!'. I can't take credit for that joke; a little birdie whispered it in my ear. (It wasn't a real bird - I was high on meth).