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Published June 11, 2010
Thanks to everyone for your participation, judging by the turn out, this pic was a little more challenging (aka shittier) then the others. Nevertheless some very funny caps to choose from. Here are your winners:6 "The polar bear was embarrassed by his mammal toe."      -chuckkling5 "Philly's one tough town, and they have officially one-upped Detroit in the, "throwing animals onto         the ice" category."       -westsideslant4  "Forget the polar bear. There's one hot dog left."        -Mae3 "To the left we have LIFE, to the right we have SUDDEN DEATH"        -jitterbug2 "What the fuck,how far did I swim."        -mervin97The Segat Award:  "I wonder what that guy's pride in his wife's vagina has to do with the polar                                                  bear."                                                -theDIRTYmidget.©Winner: "There's a face off in the corner!"                   -chuckkling----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello and welcome to the weekend edition of One of these things . . .   . Cap con # 5 winners are posted here:   In case you're wondering, today's caption is in no way a tip of the hat to the recent recipients of the Stanly Cup. I think I speak for every Canadian when I say: we want our goddamn trophy back!!!