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August 22, 2008


By the time you get up Saturday and read this, Barack Obama will have announced Joe Biden as his running mate.

Sorry Hilary fans, this is a excellent pic.

I started off supporting Biden. I switched to Barack when I started listening to him and Joe dropped out.

Every time I've watched Biden, he impresses me. Meet the Press, Hardball, you name it.

As Chairman of the Foreign Relations Commitee, he knows how to deal with terrorists without getting us in to another war of nothing.

I am totally happy.

I am considering going to PA, Ohio or Florida for the election. CT is already in the 'Blue' bag.

Anyone got a cot in their basement?

I'm still going on record as saying Obama by 14%- we may even win Alaska- which hasn't been done since the 60's. But I'm worried Asshole Rove and co. will try to pull some bullshit stunt in close states. We already know they can rig Diebold machines. They'll probably tell every black in North Carolina they are on the convicted felon list.

Let's move folks-- get out there-- convince everyone you know. Now that gas prices are coming down (a true ploy- 11/5 they go back up if McCain wins), here's what I do-

Whenever someone says they're going McCain, I ask them if they have kids or grandkids. Usually that's a 10 4.

I then ask "Would you send that kid to Iraq?"

When they say "no", the debate has ended- and I've won a vote.

If they say "yes" I tell them there's some great houses for sale in West Virginia.