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August 16, 2008


The debate is over between Morgan Freeman versus Samuel L.Jackson as my Higher power.And,the winner is ....Samuel L.Jackson. In the movie,Pulp Fiction Jules the Hitman had a moment of clarity while he eating his muffin.Hence,the formation of the Church of the Holy Muffin began.Samuel L.Jackson made more movies in a shorter amount of time than Morgan Freeman.And,SLJ so far survived the curse of the movie "Soul Men" that 2 of the three stars died last week.Bernie Mac on Saturday and Issac Hayes on Sunday.So,Samuel L.Jackson has proven without a doubt that a "BAD MUTHA-FUCKER" like Jule's wallet in Pulp Fiction.While morgan freeman is still might be laid up in the hospital.Morgan Freeman has perfect diction but his divinity is in doubt.Though,Morgan Freeman played God in both Almighty movies. There's nuthin that says lovin,than somethun from the oven.Bite me said the Holy Muffin.