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March 03, 2009


Can you guys help me out? For the last 2, maybe 3 years I've kinda half-viewed a show called 'Still Standing'. It's your standard hot wife(if you're into the 46-year-old Sarah Silverman look), fat guy, 2 and a half kid schtick. Featuring the "I hate my sister's husband but I'm always at their house" Sister-In-Law. The eldest son is a high school nerd, the middle daughter is a high school non-hottie who's only more popular than the brother because her looks and personality make her invisible, and the elementary aged daughter is fat and doesn't really get face time. The show has a few laughs but is so very underdeveloped that I HONESTLY don't know what any of the adults do for a living except the wife..............and that's because she wears her nurse's scrubs in EVERY episode like an animated character!

Here's my dilemma: This show is syndicated on TWO CHANNELS, yet I NEVER HEARD OF IT BEFORE SYNDICATION! It was so off my radar it leads me to believe that this show was filmed for 3 years then ONLY released into syndication in a very experimental market test! Do you guys have any idea who created this show, for what network, and why!?!? I mean, I have never even seen any of the actors! Not even as extras or a recurring role on a more popular show or doing stand up! Please help me!