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January 26, 2011

Michael Jordan, Kid n Play, Will Smith, Jazz...in one picture. How did this happen? Let's investigate.

Yup, that's a picture of the stars of The Fresh Prince and House Party 2 with some other guy. 

So there's no doubt this is the greatest photograph ever taken. THAT MUCH WE KNOW. But how this has just surfaced is shocking. I can only imagine that it was kept under wraps by the CIA for the last 25 years under a file just called "Meeting of the Minds." 

But who took this? Where did this come from? Was it just some random fan? Probably not. If so, he would likely be in the picture as well, smiling with his heroes. But if it was some random who had no desire to immortalized on film, who among this group requested the picture be taken? Who wanted this on their mantle? There were no computer desktops back then -- this obviously was taken to be a showpiece for one's home. 

The only person who could take this picture and be content being left out is Bill Cosby. Or Quincy Jones. Yeah, it was probably Quincy. This is so Quincy. 

But the real mystery is HOW this happened. How were these four mega-stars (and Play) in one location at once?

There are so many possibilities to dissect. So many permutations. I'll break it down: 

At first glance, I think that Michael Jordan was at the premiere of Class Act (at which Will Smith and Jazz were also attending because of course they were). If that's the case, is it the type of situation where a stagehand goes up to Kid n' Play and says "Excuse me, but Michael Jordan is here to see you," at which point Kid spits out out his drink. 

I bring up Kid's potential shock because it seems that he and MJ are the keys here. The handshake. The expressions. Kid seems somewhat bewildered that this could possibly be happening. Star-stuck, even. Almost like this is just some photo-op for MJ and his biggest fan for the NBA on NBC half-time show. 

But then again, why would Will Smith be wearing all that Bulls gear? It's like he knew MJ was coming...

OR did he show up with MJ???? Are Will Smith and Michael Jordan BFFs?

That doesn't seem likely. Okay. New scenario -- Perhaps Kid, Play, Will, and Jazz went to a Bulls game (this explains Will's paraphernalia), but Kid never thought he'd actually meet the man. Like MJ saw them courtside and told the United Center's usher to "Fetch me those hip hoppers." Upon hearing this, Kid likely spit out his soda. Which caused a player on the opposing team to slip. They were probably playing the Pistons so I have to assume Isaiah Thomas hit the floor. 

BUT if Kid was such a big Michael Jordan fan (and he clearly is), wouldn't HE be the one wearing the Bulls gear? Definitely. So let's go back to the first scenario, but with a twist: MJ, Will, and Jazz attend a Kid n Play show. TOGETHER. This would explain the fact that Will's totally overcompensating with this outfit because duh, if you're hanging out with Michael Jordan, you do everything you can to make him like you. And more importantly, it would explain Kid's bewilderment. This is the day of his life. He clearly just put on a killer show in which he and Play danced with their feet touching. And now he just met his idol. AND he was lucky enough to document it. 

There we go. That's the answer. 

I know what you're going to say. "Jordan seems to be wearing some sort of warm-up suit. It's probably pre- or post- game." Jesus Christ don't be so naive. If for some reason that needs further explanation, here goes: I knew a girl in college who grew up in the Chicago suburbs. Her name was Kate and she is not a liar. Kate told me that when she was a kid, she saw MJ in person at a school-sponsored event. He was wearing a WARM-UP SUIT. Needless to say, we have proof that Michael Jordan is in the habit of going about town in his warm-up suit. 

Case closed. 

(pic via The Clearly Dope)