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April 30, 2013

But teacups themselves have some problems as well. Nothing to be scared or too worried about, but keeping them in mind might save you some trouble.

If you're considering buying a puppy, we suggest you think about 'teacups'. These smallest of the small breeds make excellent companions giving fewer problems to look out for. Speaking about the monetary side of getting a puppy might not be that nice, but it's one the most important things to consider. Make a bad decision now, and regret it forever. The amount of dog food, space and anger that you can save with a teacup is not to be underestimated.

But teacups themselves have some problems as well. Nothing to be scared or too worried about, but keeping them in mind might save you some trouble.

One thing is to be very careful about the state of health of the puppy. Because teacups are specifically bred to be very small, the smallest of the litter are often used to breed further. These smallest can sometimes be less healthy than the others, so some diseases may be passed from parent to puppy. Don't buy puppies that are not guaranteed to be healthy. You don't want to see your new friend suffering and the medical care can be very costly as well. There are many stores selling tea cup puppies and iheartcups is one. iheartteacups reviews have generally been positive. In fact, if you are reading a iheartteacups review, chances are you will fall in love with a tea cup puppy right then!

Even if you chose the healthiest puppy, annual or bi-annual check-ups are a must. This goes for every kind of puppy in fact, as it is very important to detect any sign of a starting disease, unsatisfactory nutrition or care. The saying 'prevention is the best medicine' goes to dogs just as well as for humans.

Don't forget that with your puppy, you will also need her own little puppy play pen or crate to feel comfortable. Puppies need their own personal space and belongings too.

Think about who else will take care of them and what will they need to know. For example, if you have small children, be aware that the size of your new pet means that they are very fragile. And as you know, fragile things aren't too safe in children's hands. Also, the new puppies need lots of sleep, just like newborn babies. Don't allow anyone to disturb their sleep.

The papers of your new pet should be managed well. It's best if the shop you're planning to buy from provides you with them. They can register them, vaccinate them and offer you a health guarantee, as we discussed before. Such shops are often pricier, but it is worth to pay more now and not having to pay even more later. If you live in California, we suggest you to check out iheartteacups.com for good offers. Even if you don't live in CA, you can find good advice – and lovely pictures of teacups as well.

You can start now to pick the dog food you consider the best for your future pet. If you have time, consulting with a vet might be a good idea, they know the most about the needs of our favorites after all. Talking to owners is also a great idea, they can offer you insight into all kinds of things to look out for when raising and training your pet. Don't forget that you will have to train your puppy.

So, get prepared for the newest member of your family, and expect much fun and love from your new pet. There is no feeling like being the proud owner of a teacup! And maybe iheartteacups reviews could just help you decide!