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March 12, 2010


 Why do men Make better women??????  I grew up in NYC .. my mothers best friend and my godfather was a gay man. Alternate lifestyles were never something taboo in my household. At about 15 I started making my way around the club scene.... Here is where I met a group of little gay boys who are now what you see below..... And yes fellas.. you have scene them in Maxim, Stuff and other jerk-off mags.  Now , my little gayboys have been cut and primped and postured and guess what... I DO NOT WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THEM ANYMORE!!!!!! They make me look bad!  I have contemplated getting the work done.... Figure that.. Getting plastic surgery to look like a boy who wants to look like a woman... 

But WHY.. Why do men make better, sexier women??????   I think it is related to the Pygmalian affect. By this I mean when you mimic and learn after the fact you tend to take on the most proper or exaggerated traits of your muse... But guess what .. it is still NOT FAIR!..I want a cartoon ass and tits!  I think I am going for it....