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August 06, 2010

first day of new school.

So it was the first day of my new school, and we lockers one on top of the other, kind of how gym lockers are. and i couldn't open mine. now im top locker and a cute girl is the locker bellow me. she's already in there pulling out books and such finally i manage to open my locker and i realize my bus will be leaving school in 2 minutes so i quick pull out my books and throw them into my back pack which is still in my locker. not realizing it but one of my straps is hanging out. the girl under me slams her locker and walks off to catch her bus. i finish up and pull on my backpack to get it out, and its stuck, the strap is stuck in her locker. i pull on it and it wont come out. so i run to my last class which is right next to my locker, and ask the teacher for a scissors, he says what for and i reply without much thought:

" i need to cut off my thingy"

he looks at me awkwardly and says what?

" i need to cut off my thingy its stuck in a girls locker and now i need to cut it off"

Now he starts laughing and im like dude i need to leave and i dont get why he dosnt understand what im saying.

i say " my backpack thingy the strap"

"oh ok here" 
so he gives me the scissors and is almost in tears i go cut off my thingy in the girls locker pull out my backpack and miss the bus. 

next day: early in the morning

Girl opens up locker, my thingy falls out she freaks out and says wtf is this? 
i reply " thats my thingy"