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February 10, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest #13

Introducing: ORAL ROBERTS in his ground breaking recording "We are PARTNERS" which is Dedicated to my friends who join me in the Blessing-Pact ...

15. Recorded before the real "Oral Blessing" got out of control.
14. Join me in the blessing pact, any pact, would you care to be fudge pact?
13. Sorry Oral, my business agent said I should convert all my faith into a 401 krishna plan.
12. Jed Clampett thought Oral, black gold, Texas tea...so he loaded up the lube and moved from Tennessee.
11. Trust me, you don't wanna know what kind of "payola" went down in exchange for airplay.
10. Oral Roberts: Always willing to lend a hand to any job.
9. Twin Brother of Anal Roberts.
8. “ Now I’m sure you won’t mind helping me build a 900-foot statue of Jesus ! ”
7. Is that a euphemism?
6. With the power of prayer we can reach out.......and around.
5. If you pull my fingers, I'll issue you some stock.
4. You can tell someone isn’t crazy when he uses words like ‘Pact.’
3. I would rather listen to this than watch Julia Roberts in anything
2. 3-D glasses included! Just put them on and let me shake your hand/touch your thigh while you listen!

1. Before he joined the ministry, his name was Blow Job Roberts.