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By King Christopher (radio show host)

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March 29, 2013

Good reasons to have more than one wife.

Reasons You Should Have More Than One Wife


By King Christopher


When it comes to the topic of marriage we hear a lot of complaints about how hard it is and how much work it takes to stay married. The monogamist marriage is going out of style. Maybe the problem isn't marriage itself but men just don't have enough wives? There are a lot of benefits to having more than one wife, biological and economic. I think this is why it was more common in the old days to have multiple wives, also because it worked! So here are some reasons why you should get more wives


Laying Around: One of the biggest complaints about marriage from women is that they get tired of the husband being around all the time. But if you have 3 wives? The man will be too busy to bug one woman.


Competition: Women like to compete. In a three wife situation all the wives will compete for the husband's attention.


Kids: We see married couples in sitcoms and movies always freak out and panic when the wife becomes pregnant. On the three wife plan, it won't be such a big deal since you have other women around to help raise the kids. Plus you can get more kids out of three wives than you can with one. This way one woman doesn't have to do all the birthing?



Money: More income. Women make all the money these days but they're really bad with finances. Women bringing their pay checks back to the husband will keep the money safer.



The Bedroom: Women are only horny a few days out of the month but a guy wants sex all the time. This can be a problem in a regular marriage. Three wives can take turns so one woman doesn't to have to bare the burden of having sex with the guy all the time. The man is happy because he gets variety.



Cheating: Women keep other women out of trouble. Women are less likely to fool around if they have other women keeping an eye on them.


If you're in a marriage that needs fixing or you want to get married and have a family then you have to ask yourself, do I have enough wives?