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November 17, 2012

good ideas, rework the grammar, word choice, roll the tongue through it for eloquence.

what the fuck

cant drink till 18
Are people just going to know whats in the box
when you give somebody something for their birthday?

people get excited and of course enjoy what gift was ventured
this is ridiculous to just not accustom people to things such as alcohol, for public awareness and safety, children are uneducated and even criminalized for drinking when instead of instilling this atomsphere of fear and secrecy surrounding drinking and socializing, when truly a responsible drinker is never harmed by his alcohol use. If people were familiar with drinking and the burdens it comes with such as the impairment, the ability to gague drinks and their personal drink succeptability, as well as vunrubilaty, there would be more understanding of alcohol and the people who drink it by youth and old alike, whom may stand on all sides of the issue.
The issue is not the alcohol, but rather the ignorance ciminalizing and ostracising perpetually sustain unto it. This treatment is the same fear tactics and bewilderment of children which traditional christians used in old times to instill fear into them, shaping them, and exposing vunruability. When children are assailed with tactics such as these, children either cower in fear and regard the propaganda and attempts to besmirch the good name of alcohol, rather than to actually monitor the children who buy alcohol, as easily could be done, cameras are in place in every public school, and most minors at least have a school ID, those with a car, A Drivers Licence. If these minors were ever to come to school intoxicated, or suffer debilitation from such drinking enough to impair schoolwork, action would be taken, much as done now in similiar situations.
    Reducing the drinking age takes much weight off the youths back when approaching college drinking, and youth drinking, and accustoms them to a socially acceptable solution, familiarity with alcohol, and confidiance with their abililty to handle themselves in the social situation, whether they drink or not. Being knowledgeable about something is always the greater solution than befuddling and obscuring actual facts with propaganda, and borderline death threats with such disillusion about the reality of recreational drinking, let alone drug use. You can demonize something as broad as the atlantic, but when you only look at haiti, are you seeing the entire ocean?  

chuch isnt drinking
a drink is literaly 2.8 fl oz of wine
church tops you get parched 0.25-0.5 floz from the cup would you ever parched jesus walk in from the desert. are you italian?
sitting in church, so thirsty, if im in a suit i am tempted to chain smoke, i should be drinking. Is it ok to bring a flask if it is just wine?

 i feel bad man everybody could easily bring something every now and again a nice wine, or just some jug, because in the summer it is indeed quite hot, a cool beverage on ice would be nice.

-fuck proof reading