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May 05, 2013

John Sexton, President of NYU, held a press conference to introduce “NYU Guantanamo Bay”, the first comprehensive liberal arts campus established at an active detention camp.

John Sexton, President of NYU, announced today that he has reached an agreement with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to create “NYU Guantanamo Bay”, the first comprehensive liberal arts campus established at an active detention camp. Sexton opened the press conference by welcoming students to study at NYU Guantanamo Bay "and leave once the semester is over. Unlike the prisoners who will rot there the rest of their lives without a trial." NYU Gitmo will be NYU’s 14th international campus, joining the likes of Buenos Aires, Shanghai, and Abu Dhabi. Guantanamo possesses both elements President Sexton looks for in a prospective campus site: an adequate supply of water and oxygen. Sexton noted that he narrowed his choices down to the Gaza Strip, North Korea, and Guantanamo before eventually choosing the latter. Arabic, International Relations, as well as Criminal Psychology will be among the courses students will be able to choose from at NYU Gitmo. While NYU students are no stranger to high-profile faculty, such as author Zadie Smith and musician Questlove, at NYU Guantanamo Bay students will have the opportunity to rub shoulders will criminal masterminds like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abu Zubaydah. Other unique opportunities include students being eligible to intern as lawyers for the prisoners. When asked about the internship program, Sexton laughed, “It won’t make a difference who the [inmate's] lawyers are, they'll never get  a trial anyway.” Many seemed concerned with the conditions the students will be living in, to which Sexton joked, “I can't imagine the conditions at Guantanamo being much worse than [NYU freshman dormitory] Brittany Hall!” Sexton concluded the press conference by updating reporters on the status of NYU Disney World and encouraging them to join his summer expedition to look for the Lost City of Atlantis, which he is intent on finding and putting a campus on.