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April 25, 2010


Thank you very much for sharing your porno name with everyone.  Now, Magdalena Mahalay is going to take this opportunity to use all of them in her stories ~ let me tell you Magdalena is the greatest story teller ever!

Well, the first plan was to incorporate everyone's porno character in one story.  But with about 25 characters, that is close to impossibility.  So, there will be several short stories . . . stories within stories . . . or out of this world stories.  So, without further ado, let's start with the first of the many stories to come from Magdalena Mahalay.

The Sopornos
Starring Jack Jamestown and CeCe McCoy

On the set of "The Sopornos," the director yelled "CUT! That's a wrap!"

CeCe approached Jack and asked him if he can drive her home.  Her car stalled on her this morning and it's in the shop.  Jack agreed with a smirk on his face and told her that this will cost her.  Cece gave him the sweetest smile, kissed him on the cheek and thanked him.

On the parking lot, CeCe was surprised to find that Jack rides a Harley.   When both of them were settled in on the motorcyle, Jack reached for her hands, pulled it around his waist and told her "hang on tight."  Riding the motorcyle was very uncomfortable on Cece's ass but she love the buzzing sensation on her front.  CeCe's hand managed to explore Jack's crotch area and kept her hands down there all the way to her house.

Once parked in the driveway, a squirrel skeetered across the pavement to the nearest tree.  CeCe asked Jack if he wants to come in for a drink.  He obliged.

Inside, it took CeCe several minutes to mix him a drink.  Jack was surprised that she made his favorite drink, a Manhattan.  "This taste fantastic!" exclaimed Jack.  CeCe replied, "You haven't tasted anything yet."

Plucking the cherry from Jack's drink, CeCe rubbed it on her full pouty lips and gave Jack a big wet kiss.  She grabbed Jack's crotch and she started to massage it through his jeans.  All of his 8 ½ inch cock was already hard.  He started caressing CeCe's round ass which made her moan softly. She unzipped his jeans and his hardness almost gave her a black eye.  She started licking the head and stroking the shaft of his cock.  Somehow he was able to reach her "cupcakes" while CeCe started to lick his balls.  She started to suck hard . . . suck long time ~ she almost asked for 5 dollahs but remembered that she's not Asian.  After a long time of licking and stroking and sucking; CeCe felt his firm butt tense up.  At the verge of Jack's orgasm, CeCe reached for the empty Manhattan glass.  It was too late to ask any questions ~ with every stroke made, globs of cum flowed into the glass.

After Jack's head cleared up, he asked CeCe why she collected his cum in the glass.  While looking at Jack's sweaty face she started to drink the milky, sweet smelling cum. CeCe gulped the fluid and licked the corners of her lips. With a smile, she said: "I swallow."