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August 03, 2018

He's bipolar but can't create shit. What a shame.

Despite a lifetime of chemical imbalances and emotional struggle, local mentally ill man Patrick Ryan appears to lack any artistic abilities. Ryan, who has been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder since he was 23, has shockingly never allowed a depressive episode to let him peer into the human condition, and then used his mania to create beautiful works at the expense of his health. “It’s a shame really,” says Ryan’s psychiatrist Dr. Kim Davis. “Here you have a guy with all the ingredients to become a tortured and eccentric visionary, but all he does is take his medication and hang out with his supportive peer group. It’s sad.” The few times Ryan has expressed himself artistically include an elective sculpting course in college, and a recent paint night with his boyfriend. While some had hoped that his most recent manic episode would result in at least a heart wrenching poem or two, Ryan disappointingly focused on cleaning his entire house for 63 hours straight.