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March 28, 2017

Show-and-tell, friends Paul Ryan and aide Ivanka Trump, all in all an eventful day for Donald. Can't quite get the hang of "presidential" though. Or even "elementary"

Trump’s Day Sheet: (Day 68) Trump Brings Dictionary to Briefing, Might Use It

For Show-And-Tell today, Trump reportedly brought in a small dictionary to share with the class at his daily briefing. According to sources it was a paperback Webster’s Children’s Pocket Dictionary, Third Edition. Trump also brought translator Paul Ryan to read the dictionary to him whenever the staff used a word he didn’t recognize.

This is a step up from his last briefing two weeks ago, when he continually asked Siri for explanations such as:
“Where is the nearest ISIS?”
“Who is Julian ASSage?”
“Is Happy Holidays a terrorist slogan?”
and “When is this briefing over?”

The phone was taken away shortly after this and locked in the teacher’s desk.

Ryan reports that Donald continues to make progress daily, but is having trouble catching on to the Word Of The Week: Presidential. This has been the word of the week for the past twelve weeks.

White House staffers sent Paul Ryan home today with Donald’s “My Day Sheet”. Small circles indicated that Trump had the mashed potatoes and canned peas for lunch, slept well during nap time, but still does not play well with others.

An upside to this is that Donald may soon be having a “helper” accompany him daily, Ivanka Trump. More reports to follow.