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March 24, 2016

GMVN reports on a troubled shopping cart, and a community's solution.

Management finally decides to burn cart that had sample cup left inside

Wednesday evening a shopping cart stood alone inside the cart return of a local Whole Foods, a sample cup and spoon had been left inside. The cart was collected and filtered back into the store, among a sea of unsoiled carts. Although the cause of the oversight is unclear, the problem was immediately real.

After nearly an hour, the cart had not been touched. Customers picked around the cart and eventually it was pushed to the side by a disgusted patron. That’s when the management realized they had a real problem. Three hours after initial contact, the cart had been moved back outside.

“These things are never easy, but we have to restore order”, said the general manager, Nick John.

After nearly 5 hours the cart was properly disposed of by Nick. “I don’t really see any other option if we want to stay in business”.

As the cart burned in the closest parking spot, a crowd gathered.

Fire cart.jpg

Horrified children run, a few stay and gaze into the flames.

It was hard to watch. Nobody wants these things to end like this.

— Guy Mendenhall

After they scraped the molten metal and melted plastic off of the handicapped parking spot, it was back to business as usual.

The town, expectedly, remained on edge the rest of the weekend. The store’s owners say there have been similar cases across the country lately, and local management informs us that they expect to face another one eventually.

Next time it’ll be a yogurt sample cup, or worse, a used but empty produce bag, still wet.

— Pete - Assistant Manager

Local authorities urge anyone with information to come forward.

“These things continue to happen without community awareness”, Deputy Rando warned, adding, “they tend to slip through the cracks if we don’t get help from the public”.

After the recent “handful of grapes” heist, the local chain is in the hot seat. Only time will tell the fate of this, pretty undersized, grocery store.

GMVN producers reached out to the head office, we were declined a comment.