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January 26, 2009


I forgot if I ever posted on Funny Or Die my theory that Arnold Schwarzenegger could be a possible candidiate for the ANTI-CHRIST.I've also listed on my Live Journal blog misanthrope65 other candidiates like myself,Britney Spears,Miley Cyrus,Lindsay Lohan,Paris Hilton,George W.Bush,Dick Cheney and The Disney Corpation. Recently,my friend from california sent me a story she read on fox news.com about solar storms.She wasn't a Republican before she moved to California.A state which is going bankrupt that has to pay tax refunds with I.O.U.s.Lou Dobbs was a Republican but  he smarten up and turned Independent.Which I need to do,again.Lou Dobbs asked on his program if California taxpayers can pay their taxes in IOUs?California was the first state to ban or outlaw smoking in public places, stop gays from marrying and outlaw junk foods and trans fats. When you can do serious jail time for eating sloggy greasy french fries and onion rings;sometimes is serious wrong.That sounds very cultish to me.My ex-girlfriends tried to make me a vegetarian so I'll be light-headed and powerless to think for myself.I can't wait until the planets allign in 2012 and the Sun goes behind the DARK RIFT of the Milky Way,(the galaxy and not the candy bar) and California sink to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after the Big One hits. I loved this Doomsday Bullshit. I'm still disappointed that the Big Bang generator in Switzlerland didn't cause a black hole that sucked the whole world up. Maybe,it already happened in a different alternate universe andf that would explain why everything sucks like the economy,wars and Schwarzenegger making junk food illegal.Waiting for that big rock to hit.I heard on the history they named the asteroid after either the Egyptian or Sumarian god of Destruction.Schwarzenegger knows that the time he has to rule as the Anti-Christ is short.So,he beginning to gather his forces.Or,maybe I'm off my medication ,again.