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Published May 18, 2012
You see them in the checkout at the grocery store and standing in line for those concert tickets that are about to sell out.  You see them in malls and eateries across the country.  Who are these people you might ask: these people are the short-term benefactors of payday-loans.You see payday loans are a great way to stay current, if you can't seem to keep up with all of your bills.
The reality of today's world is sometimes there are unexpected expenses and our average cost of living has gone up tremendously in recent years. 
Consider that a gallon of milk in some places will net you close to 7$.  Now glaringly similar to this number is the national minimum wage and then ask yourself this: how is it that we work for less hours per day, yet have less money to spend. 
The answer of course is not that we are not efficient enough, but rather we are too efficient and over time certain "non-essential" qualities of life have been deemed rather essential in comparison to some things you might certainly not be able to live without.
With that said, we all have unexpected bills and unnecessary purchases; that is a cut and dry fact of life and we are all better for accepting this fact flat-out, straight-away, from the get-go. 
Now a payday loan might be just the thing you need to make your life as stress-free as possible.  Balancing work, food, play, and responsibilities takes a lot of time, and when you don't have time you are going to have to spend more money. 
Like it or not, the world in it's advanced state, is here to stay.  We could all use a little cash advance online here and there, so don't be casting sideways glances at those who do practice in this trade.  It's a perfectly respectable thing to do/and have done and there's plenty of people who profit off of the very idea that there are people who can't make their rent payment this week.
What we should all be doing now is trying to figure out how we could all be making more money.  Because after all that is the cause of inflation isn't it?  Our money being worthless because our nation are lazy is a real world issue that need's to be addressed.  Go big for your country and increase your *(and our) networth as a country.